School of Paragliding

Paragliding Initiation Course

This course lasts approximately 45 hours

With these hours it is enough to start enjoying this sport, the goal is to obtain in this time the first certificate as a paragliding pilot.

The course package includes:

  • Original Basic of initiation.
  • Theoretical and practical instruction.
  • Two or more flights if necessary with the instructor in tandem.
  • Loan of the whole team during the learning period.
  • Fifteen flights directed by radio.
  • Upon successful completion of the directed flights, the document certifying that the course was approved is delivered.

Course value: $3,500,000 COP.


  • Does not include transportation to the place of learning.
  • When you are making the first flights you must land in a different place, we do not cover the return transport.
  • Does not include any kind of food or hydration.
  • Money is not returned if the course is not completed.

Conditions of the rates

The money is returned as long as:

  • If the activity is not carried out due to weather conditions.
  • If the person pays in cash and no longer wants to make the flight.
  • If the person arrives with clothing not suitable for the activity (tennis or sports boots, long pants).
  • If the person has paid for their flight in advance and for some reason the activity is not carried out, a refund is made in cash or by bank transfer directly to the person who made the payment.

Geographic location

Km 5,6 vía Medellín-San Pedro de los Milagros San Felix, Bello, Antioquia, Colombia.

Weather conditions for flight

There should be a clear or semi-clear day, with no front of stormy rains or presence of congetus or nimbus cloud formations, with predominant wind that does not exceed 45km / hr from east to west, both at the landing site in beautiful The take-off site in San Felix.

Clothing that you should wear

It is important to wear comfortable clothes such as: jeans, tennis shoes, sports boots, jacket or coat, sunglasses and apply sunscreen.

Public transport

Take the subway to the Caribe station, get off and cross the bridge to the North terminal, go to ticket office 11 and there buy a ticket to San Felix. Ask the bus driver to leave it at the Voladero restaurant, where there is a plane, there is Zona de Vuelo ask for Jaime or Clemencia.

Number of participants flight

Paragliding flights are carried out in the proportion of a pilot and a 1 × 1 user.

Variety of activity

Our company performs recreational and outdoor recreation flights, relaxing and stimulating flights, thermal and dynamic flights, cross country flights, flights of landscape.


  • Heart problems
  • Obesity grade 2
  • Resting tachycardia
  • Pregnancy status
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Extrasystole Ventricular
  • Fatigue (dyspnea) exaggerated
  • Seizures in the last 5 years
  • Vertigo
  • Hip replacement
  • Psychiatric treatment in the last 6 months
  • Suffering from diabetes (please clarify if you are in treatment)
  • State of intoxicants or psychoactive substances.
  • If the person is a minor, they must have the written authorization of a responsible person.

Other services included and not included

SPECIAL OCCASIONS: We offer packages that include banners with allusive messages as required by the customer, cup cake or groceries, foam or confetti. (The client can also suggest other things). From $15,000 COP.

Insurance information

COLASISTENCIA: This is a medical assistance insurance, which we chose as a company since it has very good alternatives for our clients.


  • Medical assistance in case of accident
  • Medical assistance in case of illness
  • Outpatient medications
  • Daily rental per hospitalization per accident $50,000 COP per day
  • Nurse at home in case of accident 5 days maximum, $100,000 COP per person day
  • Dental expenses in case of accident
  • Initial care for pre-existing diseases (emergency consultation)
  • Hotel costs for convalescence due to an accident
  • Medical transfers in the event of an accident (up to the limit of expenses)


  • Transfer and stay of a companion in the event of an accident
  • Transfer and stay of a companion in the event of accidental death


  • Compensation for total and permanent accidents
  • Disability or accidental dismemberment (disability or dismemberment is excluded in the air, land, sea and river transport.)
  • Compensation for disability or accidental
  • Dismemberment in air, land, sea and river transport
  • Compensation for the loss of luggage in air transport
  • Remuneration for theft of documents


  • Funeral expansion
  • Assistance in loss of luggage and documents